Carolynn Conron


Killer Submissions

You’ve spent countless hours reviewing your case, preparing and executing your awesome cross-examinations, and have dealt with the agony of preparing your client for the stand.  The evidence is in and all you want to do is sleep and plan your next beach vacation.  But you gotta keep going:  now is the time to shine!  It’s your moment with the Judge or jury to sell your client’s position and get the exact result you want.  It’s time for killer submissions!

Etiquette in the courtroom: a fireside chat with Justice Christopher Uwogboe (and Carolynn Conron)

“Counsel!  You can’t wear those sweatpants in court, and why on earth are you drinking that coffee??!!”, “But, Your Honour, nobody cares when I’m on Zoom!”.  The transition from courtroom to Zoom back to the courtroom has caused confusion for young and senior counsel alike.  Have we forgotten what is appropriate?  Was that Zoom-appropriate behaviour ever appropriate?  In this fireside chat Justice Uwogboe and Carolynn, along with audience participation, will discuss the new world of courtroom behaviour and etiquette.  Feel free to dress how you like and enjoy your coffee!

About Carolynn Conron

Named as one of London’s Top 20 Under 40, Carolynn is an intelligent and effective advocate. Graduating Summa Cum Laude from McMaster with a double major in philosophy and communication studies and a minor in psychology, she attended the University of British Columbia for law school where she worked at the UBC First Nations Legal Clinic in her third year, developing a passion for criminal law practice. She returned to her hometown of London following her call to the bar in BC in 2010, was called to the bar in Ontario in 2011 and completed a Masters of Law in 2012 at Western on Canada’s Medical Marihuana Access Regulations, while working as review counsel at Community Legal Service. In April 2013, Carolynn started her own criminal law practice and has been listed as one of London’s Top Three Rated defence lawyers since 2018.

Previously, Carolynn held positions as the London Director of the Ontario CLA, Vice President of the London CLA and was on the board for the Middlesex Law Association. She was a prior board member for The Meal in support of Diabetes Canada and currently sits as a board member for the Downtown London Business Association and London Lawyers Feed the Hungry. She is a rapper/vocalist in The Soldiers of Disappointment and reigned victorious in a charitable boxing match for the Fight To End homelessness. Carolynn is a proud mother to Colin (13) and Allie (8).