Daphney Joseph

Actor & Producer, Improv Instructor

Acting and Improv in the Courtroom

“You’re a great talker, you should be a lawyer” is something every litigator heard in their youth.  Law school and practice taught us how to add legal argument and logic to our courtroom repertoire.  How many of us can create and develop a character on the spot?  Do we know how to use voice and movement skills to engage an audience?  How about active listening?  Thinking and performance skills that are useful on stage can be applied to the courtroom and practice.  In this interactive presentation participants will have the chance to get moving and put these new skills into practice.


Storytelling has been heralded as one of the best ways to actually get an audience to listen to what you have to say.  There is something captivating about hearing a story and connecting with those you are learning about.  Being able to tell the stories of our client’s is a skill every lawyer needs to have both inside and outside the courtroom.  Our panelists will share their experience telling stories and share tips on how to become better at this craft.  The session will conclude with inviting audience members to use these tricks and share their own stories.


About Daphney Joseph

Daphney Joseph is an actor, improviser, comedian, and producer, who has engaged audiences throughout the country.  She performs with Improv troops in English and French and is a highly-regarded Improv instructor at training centers across Toronto.  Daphney has worked with various corporate audiences and is excited to enter this new arena of training lawyers to improve their courtroom advocacy skills.