Justice Christopher Uwagboe


Etiquette in the courtroom: a fireside chat with Justice Christopher Uwagboe (and Carolynn Conron)

“Counsel!  You can’t wear those sweatpants in court, and why on earth are you drinking that coffee??!!”, “But, Your Honour, nobody cares when I’m on Zoom!”.  The transition from courtroom to Zoom back to the courtroom has caused confusion for young and senior counsel alike.  Have we forgotten what is appropriate?  Was that Zoom-appropriate behaviour ever appropriate?  In this fireside chat Justice Uwagboe and Carolynn, along with audience participation, will discuss the new world of courtroom behaviour and etiquette.  Feel free to dress how you like and enjoy your coffee!

About Justice Christopher Uwagboe

The Honourable Justice Christopher Uwagboe was called to the bar in 2007. Justice Uwagboe’s career started in the Middlesex Crown Attorney’s Office in London. In 2011, he opened a private practice representing clients in criminal defense, real estate, small claims, and immigration cases. During his time in private practice, he also was a per diem prosecutor for the Crown Attorney’s Office and the Ministry of Transportation in London. He was appointed to the Legal Aid Ontario Board of Directors in April 2021 and served as the Chair of the Operations Committee.

Justice Uwagboe is passionate about career development, networking, and mentorship. He has spoken on panels and provided guidance to paralegal candidates from triOS and Fanshawe Colleges, law students and Black students at Western University, and professionals at the Ontario Association of Black Paralegals. As a law student, Justice Uwagboe was President of the National Executive of the Black Law Students’ Association of Canada. Justice Uwagboe was appointed to the bench in September of 2022 and assigned to preside in Windsor.