Kristen Thomasen

Assistant Professor of Law​

Becoming an Expert in Anything: Teaching complex subjects (like AI and robotics)

Being faced with a complex and technical subject can be daunting for any lawyer.  The complexities of the subject can become downright scary when dealing with an expert witness whose career is based in this field. As lawyers, we are forced to learn quickly. To add fuel to the fire we need to teach these subjects to a Judge, jury, opposing counsel, and others, so we can make sure our client’s interests don’t get lost in all the confusion.  Using her experience teaching teaching and writing on complex subjects to both law students, House of Commons committees, and fellow experts, and using topics such as AI and robotics as examples, Professor Kristen Thomasen will teach us how to learn about complex subjects, quickly become an “expert”, and share our expertise with others.

Privacy Panel

This session is all about privacy.  Our panelists will discuss some of the craziest privacy-related stories that we have seen in Canadian and international courtrooms.  We will discuss the ethical issues presented by these stories and try and come up with solutions to them that are in compliance with our obligations to the client and court.

About Kristen Thomasen

Dr. Kristen Thomasen is Assistant Professor at the Peter A. Allard School of Law at the University of British Columbia.  She is a past clerk for the Honourable Rosalie Abella of the Supreme Court of Canada.  Dr. Thomasen is the foremost specialist in the law of robotics and is a regular media commentator in areas pertaining to robotics and privacy.  Kristen and her husband John reside in Vancouver with their kindergarten-age twins.