Stanislav Belevici

Chair of the Board of Directors, College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants

Advocating for Canadian Immigrants

Arriving in Canada as an immigrant has many unique challenges.  After finding a place to live and addressing financial issues immigrants must meet very specific criteria to be allowed to remain in Canada on a permanent basis.  For some immigrants the path to becoming a permanent residence is straightforward if they are young, have skilled Canadian work experience, high language proficiency and the employer’s support; but for most foreign nationals, the path to permanent residence in Canada is challenging and it may include litigation.  In this session experienced immigration lawyers will discuss the immigrant experience and how to advocate for Canadian immigrants both in written applications and orally before tribunals and courts.  The panel will also discuss challenges for Canadian immigrants with criminal records and how to best advocate for clients who find themselves in the criminal justice system.

About Stanislav Belevici

Mr. Belevici has a strong background in international relations and immigration law. He has worked for the European Commission’s TACIS program for Moldova and for the Legal Department of Ernst & Young Southeast Europe. After immigrating to Canada in 2002, he completed a master’s degree in comparative law at McGill University and obtained his Juris Doctor degree in common law and transnational law from Sherbrooke University, in Quebec. Mr. Belevici’s practice includes development of immigration policies and processes, risk mitigation and workforce mobility solutions for corporate clients. He also represents clients before the IRB on deportation orders, extradition requests and spousal sponsorship appeals. Mr. Belevici was elected to the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s Board of Directors in 2016 and was elected Chair of the Council’s Board of Directors following the 2020 Annual General Meeting.