Tony Paciocco


Tips for Cross Examination: Lessons to be Learned from the Anatomy of a Hopeless Trial

All of your preparation and sleepless nights have come down to this moment.  It’s just you and the witness – you know everything about what they have to say, you’re laser focused – but really, anything can happen.  An effective cross-examination can seem daunting but to do it well you only need to know 10 simple rules.  In this session, three seasoned cross-examiners will teach you these rules that you can use to cross-examine and witness in any legal discipline.

About Tony Paciocco

Tony Paciocco is a partner at Edelson Foord Law in Ottawa.  He is a skills legal writer who has drafted arguments before trial courts at the Ontario Court of Appeal.  Brandon graduated from Queen’s University law school where he won awards in criminal law and was recently awarded the Dan Soberman Young Alumni Award.